Joe Warnimont

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This site displays work from my freelance writing business. For information on my past marketing, writing and oddball jobs:


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Every Business has a Story

I write for people with the same goals as myself: To build a business and share it with the world. That’s right, I write for the working man and woman who wake up in the middle of the night with the next product or marketing idea for a company.


These days, I focus on writing blog posts for small to midsize businesses. I enjoy developing energetic relationships with company owners to learn exactly what makes each business unique.


Besides blogging, I connect with business owners to understand the intracacies of their business. I spent four years as a marketing and social media specialist so I love taking on a good email, newsletter, press release or social media project. I’m a professional freelance copywriter, author (find my marketing book here) and blogger (find my blog here).


What’s different about me?


There’s always an idea on the top of my head.


I start a task and hate myself if I don’t finish. Once a deadline is set, I work my tail off to deliver your project on time.


Writing is my passion, and I get to do it everyday. When I hire a graphic designer, I look for a person that dreams about graphic design. I’m the writer that wakes up every morning with a smile on my face, ready to take on the upcoming day.